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4 More Years!!!! :iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Mature content
I Fucking Hate You :iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 2
What do you want from me?
What do they want from me? I'm still just a kid!
Only 17 and they say I've got to grow up,
I'm still innocent and full of joy,
Playing with toys and making noise,
But they say I've got to grow up.
What do they want from me? I'm still just a kid!
I feel my bones crack under the pressure,
And my brain always throbs,
All the while they tell me to get a job!
What do they want from me? I'm still just a kid!
Go to school!
Go to work!
Do your chores!
Never fail!
What do they want from me? I'm still just a kid!
Why can't you be proud of what I already did?!
From dawn to dusk I work at grades,
And come home to do some more,
And should I falter or fail,
All I get is anger!
What do you want from me? I'm still just a kid!
I work for you and aim to please,
Why can't you give me a little ease?!
Loosen the reigns and let me run,
Just one more miniscule burst of fun!
What do you want from me? I'm still just a kid!
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 1 2
Bang! Bang!
They shoot us dead
Boom! Boom!
Hole in the head
Bomb! Bomb!
They fly high
Splat! Splat!
No more lies
Crash! Crash!
The cultures clashed
Rip! Rip!
Limbs are slashed
Scream! Scream!
They cry so loud
Moan! Moan!
A dying crowd
Bong! Bong!
The death knell tolls
Shh! Shh!
The land grows cold
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 1 0
Up to you
What does being an American mean?
To chose right from wrong?
To state what you believe in,
no matter what?
Yet to still look at what you don't believe?
What being an American means,
Is up to you.
What does being an American mean?
To be true to yourself?
What being an American means,
Is up to you.
What does being an American mean?
To watch the flag wave,
and thinking of all those others,
like you,
looking at it?
For what being an American means,
will always be,
up to you,
an American.
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Two Trees
Looking out the window,
I see two trees,
They always wave at one another,
One looking up,
The other looking down.
They are friends,
Always together,
One, big and tall,
The other, short and small,
Each from different families.
They stand for all to see,
Almost leaning against each other,
As if in love,
Separated by a cruel fate.
Written sometime in 2003
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Two Lives One Me
At age six things began to change,
And to you this may seem strange,
To live two lives and be one me,
Waiting for eighteen when I'll be free.
In one life I'm a princess,
Life on a silver platter,
The place is crappy,
But that never mattered.
Living on the second floor,
Feeling safe behind a closed door.
Here the smokers start at six,
Sucking cigarettes down faster than pixie stix.
At the end of each day things are fine,
Mom tells me her stories,
I tell her mine,
And away go all of my worries.
Then comes the weekend,
A time I both love and dread,
My second life, happy ends,
And I wonder how I keep my head.
In that life I am a pauper,
Dumpster diving,
Aluminum cans,
Wire stripping sprees.
Ground floor in a run down one room,
Green ooze and blue fuzz, something ate the broom,
Creepy-crawlies line the shelves.
Never has time for me anymore,
Twenty dollar "cousins" in and out of our door,
Christines, Jennys, Stars, and Sunnys,
He takes my objections as jokes, "Ha ha funny
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Taco Sock
There's a taco in my sock.
It is harder than a rock.
Why is a taco in my sock?
Better than tacos inside a lock.
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Swan's Nest Isle
It's a place I would retreat to everyday if I could,
the only area near with woods,
Swan's Nest Isle, the place I love best,
I found it on my first day's test.
Half is evil in bright sunlight,
with "winos" guzzling day and night,
the other half is full of life,
that's where I go to ease my strife.
Duck past the parent thorns,
squeeze past their kids,
climb up the hill
and keep going until…
You reach a glen, quiet and clean,
the maple makes it a relaxing green,
and on the shore the white guardians rest,
with between five and seven in their nest.
I sit there and talk with them all day,
they do not hiss, for they know I'm okay,
but should another show their face,
they're chased away with much disgrace.
If only that would work at night,
it is only then my guardians feel fright,
for man beasts come with fire roaring,
and with Roman candles shake the mother from her shoring.
They take her eggs and spread them far
usually against another's car,
and should I ever catch them some day,
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Spring approaches
Budding blossoms, sun,
Warming wind and calming drip
Of melting snowdrifts.
Snow angels, slush balls,
And steaming cocoa too! Lots
Of friends come see you.
Uncles, cousins, aunts,
Mothers, fathers, siblings, pets,
Laughing, living, love.
Kitchen office
Noisy, loud, annoying,
Mother often walking past,
Asks many questions.
Scribbly, scratchy, ugh!
Sore fingers with little gain,
Love typing much more.
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Setting Straight
Just because I'm quiet doesn't mean I'm invisible,
I'm right here sitting in the crappiest chair,
I'm right here squeezing past you in the hallways,
I'm right here when you step on my foot,
I'm right here when you "accidentally" knock me into a locker,
I'm right here when you knock my stuff to the ground,
I'm right here when you call me names,
I'm right here when you kick me while I'm down,
I'm right here and I'm not going anywhere.
Just because I never say anything doesn't mean I can't hear you,
I hear you when you laugh,
I hear you when you cry,
I hear you when you shout,
I hear you when you whisper,
I hear you when you finally get that date,
I hear you when you wish you could die,
I hear you when you're giving out a pop quiz,
I hear you when your plan parties,
I hear you but I don't feel like butting in.
Just because I'm fat doesn't mean I'm lazy,
I love to walk,
I love to run,
I love to hike,
I love to camp,
I love to swim,
I love to write,
I love to learn,
I love to work,
I love t
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Raptor Reminiscions
Soaring angel with angry eyes,
What do you think of when you fly?
Upon the thermals kind and warm,
While down below the midges swarm.
Your light frame makes you free,
Oh how I wish that could be me!
To fly as high as my dreams,
And escape from Man's wicked schemes.
Away from sorrow, away from pain,
Racing against storm and rain.
The wind is your mother,
Your father the sun,
Without worries that weigh a ton.
Soaring angel with angry eyes,
What do you think of when you dive?
The screaming wind and rushing earth,
Is it as momentous as your birth?
We know that food is what you wish,
Be it rodent, reptile, or fragrant fish,
But is that all that is inside,
Or is there something more you hide?
Soaring angel with angry eyes,
What do you think of when you soar?
Twisted metal and belching smoke
As all the forest trees choke.
Is that what you see when you look down here,
Or do you see something much less clear?
Soaring angel with angry eyes,
Is this what you despise?
Then fly away and don't turn
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
The rain, the rain,
It forever falls down,
Should I build an ark?
Or simply leave town?
There's no ground left dry,
I think I'll cry,
What was that that just swam by?
Oh Gods what now?!
It's flooded my house!
The rain, the rain,
It forever falls down,
Now overhead
I hear the thunder sound!
Water sloshing over my feet,
Messing up my room so neat!
Now it's headed towards my bed,
Is there something wrong with my head?
Flowing swiftly past my knees,
Maybe the Gods can't hear my pleas!
Should I scream louder?
Or just sit at ease?
The rain, the rain,
It forever falls down,
Perhaps created by the evils we've sown?
Now it's up to my waist,
The thunder is heavy enough to taste!
Patiently pouring up to my neck,
Oh what the heck!
Why should I care?
Too late, I'm gone,
It's up past my hair.
The lightning struck,
Earth had no luck.
The rain, the rain,
It forever falls down,
It ended us for the evils we've sown,
Even the sea dwellers have drowned!
Now the Earth is pure,
Of this I am sure,
Yet the sk
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Pet Groomers
I can rinse your cats with great precision,
I can give your dogs a wonderful comb,
But I wish you could see their condition,
By trying to do it yourself at home.
They bite and scratch me when I turn my back,
They excrement every chance they get,
I dearly wish I could give them a whack,
If they learned obedience I'd be set.
Shepards, Collies, Lassas, Pits, Keats, and mutts,
I have seen all in these eleven years,
I'd love to make you shave their ugly butts,
They you'd know why half the days end in tears.
I really love my job, now that is true,
But apparently it kills to say "Thank you!"
Written sometime in 2005
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
Old Man Creak
Covered all
over, with rough aged
skin the color of brown. Your moss
is a shirt providing no warmth, your leaves
are almost gone, making you a balding man, while
the remaining ones shake, for you are cold, and hiss
in the wind, waves at the sea. Your branches creak,
arthritic bones, you watch the sun rise and fall
every day, waiting for the warm
days of life to come back.
Written sometime in 2002.
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0
My Rickety Dam of Pride
Inside I am a well
Into which my true self fell
Full of pain and sorrow
For now and all tomorrows.
Outside I gaily frolic and prance,
To proud to show my true stance.
My pain is a river
A wild and reckless river
Held back by my rickety dam of pride.
Each time a blow is struck, it buckles,
And yet it still stands.
Every now and again
It springs a leak,
Or a chip breaks off,
Heck sometimes the river overflows,
Yet for all my problems,
It sufficiently holds my woes.
Why do I hold my pain inside?
I often ask.
I'm willing to pay anyone
Who'll take on this daunting task.
I do not know the answer,
I've looked on every shelf
Of the mental library
I created for myself.
Someday it will crow
And begin to show,
But for now,
I'll pretend to know
Who built this rickety dam of pride,
Of that I am inside.
:iconsilveranna:Silveranna 0 0


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United States
Current Residence: Middletown, CT USA
Favourite style of art: Drawings, Paintings, Scetches, and Fanfics
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Favourite cartoon character: I love Agent Tex from Red vs Blue, but that's a Machinima not a cartoon.
For those of you who don't know, I never drink or smoke, so when I'm depressed I buy myself a pint of ice cream and mope around on the internet hoping for sympathy that is rarely forthcoming. Then I spend the night unhealthily bottling up everything so I can put yet another fake smile on my face the next day and let the cycle repeat.

(You know the old saying "It's always the quiet ones"? Yeah they're going to be saying that about me someday, I hope the reason why won't be too bad.)

I wrote about why I'm so depressed and will be uploading it under the title "I Fucking hate YOU". Naturally, as the name suggests, a lot of swear words were involved (Mainly the F-word and GD) but I want someone to know what's really going on and DA is the only place I can do so without immediate tooth loss.

I am contemplating putting it on FB too, but I would have to hide it from an awful lot of people to avoid immediate tooth loss. Not to mention I'd have to beg those who do read it to not DO ANYTHING about what they read because (again) I wish to avoid tooth loss.

I really like my teeth. If something happens to them I won't be able to eat ice cream anymore while I add more fuel to that little bottle.


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